The Australian Red Patriots is a part of a business structure designed to promote conservative and libertarian views, to fight for Australian’s liberties, freedoms and liberties and to promote small and local businesses to the wider public.

We are also heavily invested in bringing our communities together to make them better. We especially are looking to do this through our youth and their sport. Our business provides the following interactive online businesses.

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The Conservative is a website and forum designed to share conservative and libertarian opinions, values and ideas. We have already written many opinion pieces, shared several conservative voices and delivered several newsletters via email to our subscribers.

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The Community Forum is an online newspaper designed to promote local businesses, organizations, charities and sports clubs to their communities and each other. This is done in an in-depth manner, far more so than any brief mention or article in any other publication.

We also complete promotion videos so either our articles or videos can be used on businesses social media. We are currently offering one of our services for free to all businesses to help them through this covid-19 crisis.

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The Bob Mann Basketball Academy is my online coaching resource for basketballers, particular our youth basketballers. I have dedicated thirty years of my adult life to the sport and coaching it.

I am now committed to the formation of a business that not only will provide coaching but will also provide education and mentoring for our youth in what has made our country great and what is required to ensure it stays so.

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In Summary

So through our online services, we are looking to serve our communities, by supporting businesses, community organizations and charities, sports clubs, (especially for our youth).

We do this via our service provisions and through lobbying our politicians and governments on their behalf. Through our publications whether by articles or video promotions or interviews with individuals, we intend to promote the values and merits of conservatism, libertarianism, of individual freedoms, liberties and rights.

We also want to promote the empowerment of the individual through entrepreneurism, achievement and the power to pursue happiness and a person’s dreams and ambitions for themselves and their families.

It is our firm belief now that governments and politicians are standing as obstacles to these fine and noble goals. It is our ambition to remove those goals and put in place actions and processes that will reduce government encroachment on all of our lives.