The Australian Red Patriots has been established in response to Australian Governments, both Federal and State, imposing never seen before restrictions and removals of liberties and freedoms from the Australian people.

We have also established the Australian Red Patriots after witnessing how our various state police forces have treated Australian citizens whether they are protesting the removals of their freedoms or even as they just go about their day to day lives. Many people will not attend protests in person out of fear of fines, arrest, assault, or even both.  For some even the fear of contracting the virus itself will stop them from attending, but at the same time they are also opposed to the loss of peoples liberties and freedoms in this country.

Many are also too frail or too busy with family and work commitments to be able to attend.

So to overcome all of these obstacles we are going to be coordinating our own regular protests online. Everybody who wishes too, can participate in their own protest at the click of a button from the safety of their own homes. Yes the same homes to which so many have been confined too for nearly two years. No arrests, no assaults from over the top police and hopefully a coordinated attack on the email inboxes of politicians, bureaucrats, public officers and governments departments that will see them inundated with the voices of the Australian people who are determined not to lose their way of life.

On a regular basis, either fortnightly or monthly and hopefully weekly as we grow our action, we will be emailing every member of all our parliaments in this country and will be demanding the following.

  • The end of all lockdowns.
  • The lifting of all restrictions.
  • The opening of ALL Australian borders.
  • The cessation of any plans involving vaccine passports.
  • The complete transparency of all National cabinet meetings of Prime Minister and State Premiers with the release of all minutes and documents in an unredacted format.
  • The complete lifting of any restrictions from the TGA, APHRA and TAIGA that restrict, intimidate or forbid Doctors and health experts from speaking out on any health matters.
  • The complete release of all health advice to governments justifying lockdowns, border closures and restrictions.
  • The complete release of any contracts between the Australian Government and any vaccine providers.

Before the 4th of October we will be providing all you need to to know on how to streamline this process to make it as simple as possible.

This will include:

  • An email template
  • Access to databases for mp’s contact details.
  • A list of mail software.
  • An online video showing how to set up an email delivery system that can be easily set-up.

Whether its 1,ooo emails, 10,000 emails or even 100,000 emails, we want to make sure our politicians are inundated with like minded people once a month.

Once this covid-19 crisis has passed, we will continue to lobby the Australian government on any matters that we see as restricting or encroaching upon Australians way of life.

The one certain thing that we have been woken up to since May 2020 is how easily our federal and state governments can impose themselves on our lives. What was once  the freest country on the face of the earth just two years ago now be considered just as draconian as some of the worst totalitarian countries due to our government’s actions. 

It’s our mission to never let that happen again. To be a part of this protest campaign make sure you subscribe to our email list by CLICKING HERE.