Who I am

Who am I? To many people an absolute nobody, a perception I was more than happy to embrace.

Throughout my life, I had dedicated 30 years of my life to serving my community in establishing basketball clubs and teams, primarily for juniors but also for open age teams. I did this at significant emotional and financial costs to myself. I did so as I believe in doing what I can to make my community a better place, especially for our youth. I also love sports and love helping young people evolve and mature into their full potential.

I also have run my own little side business where I could helping our small businesses with IT issues such as website development and designing social media pages while implementing strategies to promote those same businesses. As a part of this, I started up my online newspaper to write stories about local businesses, sporting clubs and organisations.

This all came to a screaming halt when covid-19 hit our shores and politicians descended into the insanity of implementing a tyrannical health regime. AI turn my mind and skills onto mounting a social media campaign to lobby politicians and write articles in a new publication to untie people who believe in small government and liberties and freedoms for the individual. This publication and associated articles can be found at https://theconservative.com.au 

Since then the government has decided implementing a system of medical apartheid was a good idea. It is now simply not enough for me to write articles and lobby politicians, government and media myself, it’s time to recruit others to the cause.

Through the Australian Red Patriots, we will be engaging public lobbying campaigns to bring pressure to bear on our politicians to change their current course of action. Once achieved we will continue to lobby those same politicians to ensure we are NEVER put in this position again

Check out our other pages to see our goals, our strategy and our intended campaigns and then join with us as we fight to regain the freedoms and liberties for our people that our forefathers fought and died for to pass onto us as a birthright.