Join us in our fight to have our liberties returned.

Today we have started our first campaign to lobby our politicians to convince them to change directions and to return our liberties and freedoms that they have taken away from us over the past two years. We want to do this by recruiting as many people as possible to join us as we email and then contact our politicians with follow up phone calls on a weekly basis.

Our first target is the Victorian Liberal and National Party Members of the Victorian Parliament.

To see this email CLICK HERE

Below we have placed two instructional videos on how to obtain contact details for our politicians and also how to use email marketing software to 

  • Upload contact databases.
  • How to compose an email.
  • How to send an email.

By the end of this week we will place on this page further videos on how to use the data to discover who has read your emails and how to use your basic email software on your laptop to send emails.

It is all very straight forward and easy to setup and once established sending emails will be nearly as easy as clicking a few buttons. The result will be the inundation of inboxes of people of influence.

Once you have watched these videos, simply copy the email via the link above, making sure you include the Australian Rep Patriots logo as well as the link to the article and send it off to the Victorian LNP Members of Parliament. 

Finally got to our register page and subscribe to our email list so you are updated immediately with our latest campaigns and information. At that point you are an Australian Red Patriot.

Welcome aboard!

Obtaining politicians contact Details

Check out the instructions video below on how to obtain politicians contact details and how to sort them for mailing through an email marketing software service.

How to use email marketing software (Constant Contact)

Check out the instruction video below on how to use email marketing software to lobby our politicians and public officers. This covers how to upload your M.P.’s database and how to compose and deliver an email to those politicians. Once established this original email will act as a template for future lobbying campaigns.

When you do send your email please ensure that you use our logo from this website in your email. This will ensure the maximum impact upon the politicians that we are lobbying.

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